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Damien – festival curator, has always had a passion for music – no doubt at all about that description from anyone that knows him! Living in Nillumbik has fuelled the fire of wanting to combine contemporary, high quality, fun music delivered in a beautiful outdoor setting. Damien has spent many of his years enjoying and playing music in a wide variety of settings, recognising the well being that music brings to people of all ages and backgrounds. The concept of the festival has developed further with neighbours, family and friends.  Challenging life experiences from those around him motivated the concept of the Come Together Festival – a celebration of life despite adversity – turning a frown upside down!

The hang together collective is now a group of like minded people who want to get together and have a good time – we are diverse people who want to celebrate life, promote well being and to have fun together. The result is the evolving Come Together festival!

The Come Together Music and Arts Festival is now a global music event designed for people of all ages to gather and celebrate diverse music in each other’s company. Edendale farm provides a beautiful outdoor setting catering for entertainment and enjoyment for the whole family.

The inaugural event ran in March 2015. Looking forward, we plan to make this an annual event that collaborates with the global music community and our audience to bring us all a festival that is demanded! In 2016, it will be a one day event on Saturday 5th March from 12pm to 8pm

The Running Schedule is up: 2016 times

Current Festival Collective – playing to our strengths!

  • Damien Mannix – festival curator – experience in festivals, music and having fun…!
  • Ian Greenwood – organiser – experience in music, business, getting s*** done!
  • Inbar Niv – creative director of the yellow dance spot – organiser of children’s activities – experience in dance, creative children’s arts
  • Bindu Bali – experience working with children and families – general role as fun police to make the festival accessible, safe and possible
  • Kate Milkins – media experience and general all round good egg
  • Wendy Buzza – events management experience and creator of awesome ideas


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Beyond blue’s work is aimed at achieving an Australian community that understands depression and anxiety, empowering all Australians, at any life-stage, to seek help.

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la descarga 2015
la descarga 2015