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GoodTimes powered by the amazing fully off grid  DiY HiFi sound system crew.

Orbital’s – DJ Phil Hartnoll (Only Australian show for 2017)IMG_9399 copy copy1_Snapseed

What an amazing privilege it is for us to host one of the world’s most influential, Internally renown, DJ & Producers of the Electronic music scene at our small boutique socially minded event. Even if you are not a fan of dance music, the vibe which Phil will create will be to hard for anyone to resist – please do enjoy.

One of the most prominent players in the electronic music scene since its early days in the UK, Phil Hartnoll needs no introduction. As one half of the world renowned duo Orbital, Phil has helped to produce some of the most groundbreaking phil-hartnoll-logo-white-orbital-600x300works in the history of electronic music. Additionally, he has established himself as a prominent solo DJ through his extensive playing over the past 10 years.

Phil’s passion for performing as an individual DJ as well as for playing live with Orbital has served to broaden his musical scope and reach, allowing him to share his wealth of talent through multiple channels. As a DJ, he draws much inspiration from music that other producers are making, and loves searching through tunes in order to find that perfect juicy track. Phil’s DJ sets are streamlined while still maintaining unpredictability and eclecticism. While he loves to mix it
up, playing old tracks and new, the message it always the same – it’s party time.


IMG_9034We had the pleasure of Paul (CakeBoy) performing at our inaugural event in 2015, little known then by Melbournians but loved by those who experienced his performance, what a trooper and all round good dude – definitely our favourite.

Described by DJ magazine as “an unsung hero in the development of underground beats over the past decade” Cakeboy made his name in Brighton and on the UK festival circuit in the late 90’s writing & performing live his unique style of party breakbeats. Regardless of where the scene may be heading at any given time, Cakeboy has continued to produce & deliver music his way, with the emphasis on fun & with a very definite ‘F**k you if you’re too cool to smile’ sensibility. cakeboy-nameNow very much at home in CUT LA ROC’s Rocstar Recordings & DJ Agency family, he is reaching a global audience and when playing out, proudly packs in oodles of his own material amidst breaks old & new, cheeky bootlegs and lots of live trickery. His enthusiasm is infectious & never fails to rock the party!


The Cumbia Cosmonauts

Long time favourites on our GoodTimes stage….Cumbia Cosmonauts

“The potent Cumbia Cosmonauts show is full of colour.  Dancing is the inevitable reaction to their mix of Latin and African rhythms with electronica…letting us know that yes, it’s possible for Australians to exist with a 100% Latin spirit.” – (Mexico)

“Cumbia Cosmonauts took crowd to a previously uncharted corner of Colombia with their own personal brand of space-age Cumbia…incorporating suggestive digitally modulated vocals that projected the traditional take on Cumbia music right into the future…lively and decidedly entertaining act that had the crowd hitting the dance floor to the beat of their enormous cowbells.”

domHoganDJ Dom Hogan

One of our permanent resident DJ’s on the GoodTimes stage, always fun and always smiling. Perfect!

D J Dom Hogan Presented a radio show called Creative Alternative Techno and was on air on PBS FM Melbourne for over a decade from 1992. He was also a major player of the early development of the outdoor party movement in Australia and released music in the 90’s on the legendary PSY Harmonic (AUS) Nova Zembla (BEL) and Karelia (FINN) as one part of Lumukanda. Dom is extremely versatile in the sounds that he D J s and more to the point how he plays them. Acid House / Hard Techno / Trance / Hip hop / Break beat / Ambient / Chill / Noise / More… Minimal it’s because of the style of radio show that he presents that subjects him top so many different styles of electronic , computer generated music. Always surprising and always pleasing in an outdoor chill environment.


DJ Liz Millar

Also one of our permanent resident DJ’s on the GoodTimes stage, a true gem of a person with a passion for music and slapping it down with her amazing vinyl collection.

imagesMarch 2000, Liz Millar was voted Top Australian Female DJ in Juice Magazine’s 25 Greatest Dj’s Poll in March, and in May was chosen as the winner of the Barcode NYC Dj Competition; first prize was an all-expenses paid trip to New York, where she spun at the launch party for Barcode’s opening in Times Square. Her interstate performances have taken her to every state in Australia. Internationally, she has played in London, Chicago, New York, Venezuela, Mexico and Thailand. In January 2001, she appeared live at the Sydney Opera House during a week-long residency as part of the 25th Sydney Festival, making her one of a handful of djs to have ever performed there. Millar has received extensive press coverage, was featured on national dance program Alchemy on SBS-TV, and has been interviewed previously for various dance culture documentaries for SBS and The ABC.


DJ Lani G

It’s a pleasure to have Lani back again this year, once again her passion for music is amazing and her ability to diversify her sets is an absolute credit to her. A true all round good egg in Melbourne’s music scene.lanig

Dj/Producer… Lani G has been mixing live at clubs, festivals and on radio for the last twelve years. Setting out to entice and corrupt ALL dance lovers with her deep and sometimes dark sounds of all things Electronic. Majoring in diverse programming & a flawless mixing technique Lani G has gained her very own fan base that continues to grow as her touring schedule does. Booked to play everything from underground dance to commercial all over Australia it’s any wonder writing music and producing it herself has been a natural progression from djing. But what really sets Lani apart from the pack is her live vocal set. Incorporating vocals she writes & drops live herself whilst djing. Possibly the only dj getting around with a mic attached to her headphones.



Sikander arsikandere a Melbourne-based outfit concocting globally-flavoured club music, with elements of cinematicatmospherics, and bass culture into a groove-laden sonic spread.
Stylistically, Sikander is influenced by Dancehall, Moombahton, House, and Techno, laced with sun-kissed Balearic grooves, West African polyrhythms and the street-folk sounds of the Indian subcontinet.

Have a listen –